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Golden Land queries at Just RPG

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Golden Land queries at Just RPG

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sun 27 April 2003, 20:07:20

Tags: Golden Land

There's an interview with several of the Burut fellows making Golden Land over at Just RPG. Here's a taste of what's there:

Tell us about the story within Golden Land. Will an interesting story unfold as we play the game?

D.G.: Yes, our storyline includes many mysteries and secrets, and it's quite impossible to reveal them all in one walkthrough. When writing the scenario, we used such approach, when the interesting details and keys to understanding the events, which took place recently and taking place now, are revealed to the player little by little. With help of these details, the player will be able to guess about the character of danger, threatening the world, by himself, and when the consequence of events will be near to its end, the plot will lead you to an unexpected finale with some choices of ending the game.​

Isn't that like asking if a first person shooter is going to have ranged weaponry?

Spotted this at RPGDot.

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