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Tainted Grail is a CRPG spinoff of last year's most successful crowdfunded board game

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Tainted Grail is a CRPG spinoff of last year's most successful crowdfunded board game

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 18 December 2019, 23:30:02

Tags: Awaken Realms Digital; Tainted Grail

The era of video game crowdfunding may be long past its peak, but tabletop games are doing as well as ever. In fact, last year's most successful campaign on Kickstarter was for a dark fantasy Arthurian-themed board game called Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon made by a Polish company called Awaken Realms. It raised so much money last December (nearly 5 million Euros!) that before the campaign was even over they announced that they were hiring a team to create a video game spinoff, which was formally revealed this week. We don't usually post about this sort of thing here, but the developers claim that Tainted Grail is its own thing and not just a straight adaptation of the board game. It's got some amazing artwork, which is probably how the Kickstarter was able to raise so much money in the first place. Here's the announcement trailer and press release:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – December 17th, Wrocław, Poland

Hitting its Kickstarter goal in less than one minute. The biggest 2018 campaign on the platform. 9/10 score on Board Game Geek – the already-extensive list of Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon achievements is still growing. One of these milestones was to develop a PC game – not simply a board game adaptation, but a fully-fledged digital adventure that aims to be its own great RPG experience. Be a part of an engaging, non-linear story based on the grim re-imagination of Arthurian myths. King Arthur is dead and the Menhirs protecting humans for centuries are going dark, losing their vitality, and beginning to die. Use your wisdom and tactical skills to survive each day. Customize your characters and create unique combos while fighting for your life. Try to stay alive, or you’ll end up as another forgotten hero who died a meaningless death.

Tainted Grail takes place on the dying island of Avalon. The ancient guardian stones that once helped people conquer this mythical place are now fading. As their light dims, a malignant power retakes the land inch by inch. Your desperate hometown sent a party of champions to seek help from distant Camelot.

You were not one of them.

Now, the true heroes have failed, the king is dead, and the Round Table is in disarray. The ordinary people of the island, such as yourself, scramble to find safety. Set out on your journey to uncover the secrets behind the legends.

Save Avalon – or simply try to save yourself.

Tainted Grail is a dark, fantasy open-world RPG with fresh turn-based exploration and combat. It is based around a deep, immersive story from one of the best board games (biggest Kickstarter project of 2018!) but introduces a totally new experience crafted specifically for PC. Full of stirring art and incredible, non-linear narrative content, the game will offer a unique mix of discovery, challenge, and exciting cRPG character progression, as well as involved combat and diplomacy systems.​

Additional details and screenshots can be found on Tainted Grail's Steam page. Backers of the board game are getting alpha keys on December 20th, but everybody else will have to wait to until the game comes out sometime next year.

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