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The Necromancer's Tale is an upcoming narrative RPG about a young noble's descent into darkness

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The Necromancer's Tale is an upcoming narrative RPG about a young noble's descent into darkness

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 29 July 2020, 23:55:46

Tags: Psychic Software; The Necromancer's Tale

Codex MVP LESS T_T has spotted yet another upcoming title on Steam. The Necromancer's Tale is a narrative-driven isometric RPG where you assume the role of a minor noble who is drawn into the necromantic arts after returning home to investigate the suspicious death of his father. It's set in the 1730s in what appears to be an Austro-Hungarian barony on the Adriatic coast, although it doesn't look like it's aiming to be historically accurate. The game's creator is a prolific Irish indie developer named Sam Redfern, who has apparently been working on it since late 2018, though it was only announced back in March. Watching the latest gameplay footage, you might assume that it's another Disco Elysium clone, but apparently it will have some combat (turn-based, of course). Here's the video and description from Steam:

The Necromancer's Tale is a narrative-driven top-down RPG where you play the role of a minor noble in the 18th Century, drawn into the Dark Necromantic Arts as you seek knowledge and revenge. Great power awaits... along with the weird, the morbid, and a gradual descent into madness.

Before you lies a great spellbook, filled with powerful rites of death and reanimation. Can you decipher the pages and master its arcane rituals without losing your mind or being strung up by the townsfolk? Your progress will require great determination, cunning and secrecy, as well as a willingness to confront difficult aspects of yourself and all humankind.

The Necromancer's Tale focuses on conversation, narrative and ritual more than on combat. Yes, there are battles, and tactical turn-based combat; however fighting on its own will not be a route to success. Choose your words wisely, because the characters you meet are already suspicious of the eerie events in town.

Unlike most RPGs, this isn't a hero's journey as they rail against an evil lord. It is a person's descent into madness as they plumb the depths of black magic in their search for revenge, the terrible things it asks of them and the uncomfortable choices they make in their search for power.

Spells and rituals are not treated like guns, that you acquire and then use without a second thought: the process of gathering/manufacturing materials and knowledge and then the process of putting them into action is non-trivial and is a focus of the game.

Confusing dreams, strange distant lights through the trees, spooky voices whispering your name, a loosening grip on reality - the game focuses on the unsettling experience of becoming a necromancer and transcending mortality, whatever that may mean... The game deals with themes of death, change, morality, and a gradually eroding sense of time and place.

According to its Steam page, The Necromancer's Tale isn't due out until 2022. For more details about the game's characters and setting, check out the official website.

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