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Scarlet Republics is an upcoming tactical RPG set in a fantasy Renaissance Italy, now on Kickstarter

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Scarlet Republics is an upcoming tactical RPG set in a fantasy Renaissance Italy, now on Kickstarter

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Tue 1 September 2020, 18:11:40

Tags: Audacity Interactive; Scarlet Republics

Scarlet Republics is an upcoming isometric turn-based tactical RPG in development by a Danish team called Audacity Interactive which showed up on Kickstarter today. The game is set in a fantasy Mediterranean setting inspired by Renaissance Italy, where players will assume the role of a pair of siblings leading a mercenary company in their quest for revenge. Gameplay-wise, it's inspired by tactical JRPGs such as Fire Emblem as well as Divinity: Original Sin 2, with the random character growth mechanic of the former. The game will also have a strong emphasis on choice & consequence. Here's the pitch video and introductory section from the Kickstarter page:

Scarlet Republics is what would happen if Fire Emblem had a love-child with Divinity and a Joe Abercrombie book. It’s a tactical RPG inspired by a mix of western and Japanese gameplay with a deeply interactive and immersive story.

The game is set in the vibrant and treacherous City-states of Corsano, a fantasy world inspired by the Italian Renaissance and the art of Leonardo Da Vinci. The game tells a mature fantasy story of vengeance and conquest, with plenty of choice, consequence and wit.

Ok, so we love choice-driven stories. They’re the ultimate promise of the interactive experience that video games provide. Nothing quite matches the pride and accomplishment that you feel when the credits roll on a story that you felt you co-authored along the way. This feeling has been the lodestar we’ve followed while building Scarlet Republics. This is also why we’ve designed the game in the ultimate genre, the Tactical RPG. Our goal is to give you a game where mastery means feeling that pride about not only the story but also your squad of heroes… or villains, if you’re that kind of player.

Scarlet Republics is set to release on PC and consoles in 2022.

Key Features
  • Outwit the Enemy with Masterful Tactics: In Scarlet Republics you guide a squad of mercenaries in turn-based combat. The game features 7 unique classes divided over 20 playable characters. It’s up to you to pick and mold your squad to suit your playstyle and strategies.
  • Get Creative with Squad-Building: We’ve built the RPG system to match customization with organic, pseudo-random growths that provide interesting and varied avenues for squad building and gut-wrenching choices for how to grow your characters. This means that no two players will end up with the same squad.
  • Did We Mention Choice?: Large parts of the game, including entire battle-maps and quests, are choice specific and it is impossible to see it all in one playthrough. The game features 4 different main endings, but the fate of individual characters or factions may differ vastly across these.
  • Machiavellian Politics and Scheming City-States: The game is set in a low-fantasy world in the country of Corsano. Inspired by the Mediterranean, the Renaissance and the vineyards and olive groves of Italy and Greece, Corsano is a land of vibrant colors, heady spices, merchant lords, pirates, politics, intrigue and, of course, war, as different city-states and princes vie for control and dominion over the country.
  • Da Vinci's Imagination and Dramatic Tango: The game’s art style is inspired by Renaissance art and the sketches of the master Leonardo Da Vinci. The soundtrack mixes classical fantasy with inspirations from tango and flamenco for a dramatic sunset vibe. In fact, if you want the full immersion, why don’t you listen to it while you read the rest of the Kickstarter?
Audacity are looking to raise a minimum of €10,000 to fund the development of Scarlet Republics. That's a paltry sum, so I guess the real point of this will be the stretch goals. You can secure copy of the game for €19 right now, with beta access available at €69. As stated, it's due out in April 2022. For more details, be sure to read the full Kickstarter pitch. You may also want to follow the game's Steam page and official website.

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