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Black Legend is an upcoming turn-based tactical RPG set in an alternate history 17th century Belgium

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Black Legend is an upcoming turn-based tactical RPG set in an alternate history 17th century Belgium

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 9 September 2020, 22:26:29

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The success of Larian's Divinity: Original Sin series has unleashed a wave of indie isometric turn-based RPGs in Europe. This latest one comes from close to home. Warcave is an indie studio based in Geel, Belgium and their game is called Black Legend. It's a tactical RPG set in a fantasy version of the Low Countries during the 17th century, in a city seemingly inspired by Ghent ("Grant"). As leader of (you guessed it) a party of mercenaries, your task in Black Legend is to free the city from a fanatical cult led by a mysterious alchemist who have inflicted a maddening fog on its streets. Here is the game's announcement trailer (which is more like a teaser really) and the accompanying post on the official website:

Your party of heroes shall descend into the accursed city of Grant and undo the horrors of a mad Alchemist in this thrilling Turn-Based Strategy, Free Exploration RPG!

Warcave is proud to announce Black Legend making it to PC, Playstation 4 & 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and the Nintendo Switch early 2021.

Create your hero, form a party of sellswords and explore the 17th century streets of Grant to uncover the story of the mad alchemist Mephisto, and end his legacy. Meet survivors, embark on their quests and recruit new allies to stop the terrifying fog that plagues the city.

In combat, think ahead and rely on more than raw power. To properly fight the dreaded Mephistian cultists, one must master the art of “Humorism”. Employing the unique abilities of each class and setting up synergies between your units is vital to achieve victory.

Explore a vibrant 17th century city

The many alleys and streets of Grant are begging to be explored. To gain insight in the old days, search for survivors and listen to their stories.

Work with a small resistance group looking to end the suffering of the civilians under the rule of the cult of Mephisto.

Gear up your team

Equip your party with fine weapons and armour combinations to discover 15 unique classes. Each weapon teaches new skills, which can be mastered to permanently learn it, and even be used when changing to a different class.

Many baubles and trinkets will change the way you fight, offering a wide array of effects. Each item has a story worth learning, allowing you to piece together more about the world.

Master Humorism
Abilities cause one or more of the 4 bodily humors to go out of balance. Become a master of Rubedo, Albedo, Nigredo and Citrinitas by setting them upon enemies, then combine them with a Catalyst attack for massive damage.

Customize your Journey
Tailor your journey to your personal preferences. You decide how pleasant, or challenging, it will be. For those who wish to see the story, the path can be gentle. For those who wish difficulty, even the slightest mistake will be greatly punished.

There are a few screenshots of actual gameplay on Black Legend's new Steam page. Early 2021 isn't too far off, so hopefully it won't be long before we get to see some proper footage.

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