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Black Legend releasing on March 25th

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Black Legend releasing on March 25th

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Tue 2 March 2021, 18:28:14

Tags: Black Legend; Warcave

Last year we reported about an upcoming tactical RPG called Black Legend, where you play as a mercenary sent to liberate a 17th century city plagued by a madness-inflicting fog from the alchemy-worshipping cult who have taken over its streets. Since the game was revealed in September, it's had two livestreams, a demo during the Steam Autumn Game Festival, an interesting dev diary video, several informational press releases and a couple of lore updates. Now developer Warcave are ready to announce that Black Legend will be out later this month on March 25th. Here's the new trailer they put together for the occasion, which explains the circumstances of the player character's arrival in the city and shows off a few snippets of gameplay as well:

It's nice to see one of these games actually hit its originally scheduled release window. 2021 is starting to warm up.

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