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Vampirem Claws it's Way to Early Access

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Vampirem Claws it's Way to Early Access

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 24 March 2021, 16:54:12

Tags: Vampirem; WRF Studios

Vampirem is available for Early Access on Steam for those looking for a toothy, blood suckery, combat heavy CRPG. Be vampire, kill vampire seems to be the theme of the game. It's currently on a release sale through March 30th and can be had for $13.49US. Here's what's up:

Though weak from the lack of two-thirds his normal bloodline, Raven is now forced to fight his way out, using only the weapons found buried from the ancient dead, and his empowering skills, talents and disciplines, known only to a... Vampirem

  • Build and level your skills and attributes to become an unstoppable Vampiric force.
  • Find and collect random loot with dynamic and unique stats.
  • Empower ancient weapons from the past, using recipes crafted from fragmented hearts of the fallen kindred.
  • Explore and uncover secrets in this vampire dungeon crawl through both unique and procedurally created areas.

For some reason, the fact there's a Garlic Resistance on the character sheet cracks me up. At least we know what we're playing at that point.

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