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Slaves of Magic is an upcoming turn-based tactical RPG inspired by XCOM and Guild Wars

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Slaves of Magic is an upcoming turn-based tactical RPG inspired by XCOM and Guild Wars

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Mon 14 December 2020, 23:00:00

Tags: Amethyst Dreamers; Slaves of Magic

Slaves of Magic is an upcoming indie turn-based tactical RPG made by a two person team from Hungary who call themselves Amethyst Dreamers. The game appears to be a sort of fantasy XCOM, set in a mundane medieval world under invasion by magic-using demonic outsiders. It also features an equippable skill system inspired by the first Guild Wars. Slaves of Magic was originally spotted by LESS T_T in October and today a free prelude scenario was released on Steam, which is a good time to give the game a shoutout. Here's the prelude's brief release trailer along with a description:

Slaves of Magic is a fantasy turn-based tactical RPG in which you have to lead the resistance against the invaders. You will have to find ways to slow down their forces, till you can learn their most powerful weapon, the use of elemental magic, and turn it against them.

The game will have a strategic and tactical layer. On the strategic side, you will have to find and decide about missions against the invaders, handle, and research your troop's equipment and skills. On the tactical layer, you will have to guide your troops to reach their goals in unique delayed turn-based combat.

Planned features
- Procedurally generated strategic and tactical maps.
- Character development without a restrictive class system. For every character, you will be able to "equip" up to 8 skills.
- Character generator. You will be able to create a pool of characters that then will be used randomly in your campaign.
- Permadeath. Characters can die permanently in combat.
- Unique delayed turn-based system. Every action you make takes some time to resolve. You not only have to think about the situation right now but about the situation that you will be in when the action actually resolves.
- 8 directional facing. Flanking is important, and encouraged.
- Diverse roster of enemies with its own skills and tactics.

About us
Amethyst Dreamers is a small independent 2 person team from Budapest, Hungary. Our goal with Slaves of Magic is to create a game with great tactical depth, unique game mechanics, and high replayability. In short, a game we would love to play as well. In designing the game, we took a lot of inspiration from the XCOM series and the original Guild Wars.

The Slaves of Magic prelude is available on Steam. The full game, which has its own Steam page, is scheduled for release in 2022.

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