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Be Hero Makes it's Way in the World Today

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Be Hero Makes it's Way in the World Today

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 30 March 2021, 16:02:52

Tags: Be Hero; Mirabolis Studios

Mirabolis has released their latest game, Be Hero on Steam. The gist of the game is that you're the guy that arrived too late to save the day, so you have to rebuild a tavern in order to earn the cashola to make it back home. It can currently be had for $11.69US due to a 10% release sale. Here's a trailer and the feature pool:

Key Features:
  • Farm, collect, mine, cut wood, hunt and fish
  • Learn recipes and craft dozens of items to sell
  • Explore and fight in semi-procedural instances
  • Gain experience and enhance your skills
  • Upgrade and repair the tavern
  • Help rebuild the destroyed village
  • Find out what happened to the island and its inhabitants
  • Oh yes! Of course! We have beer!

The first step to rebuilding a village, get everyone drunk.

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