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Empire of Ember blazes into Early Access

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Empire of Ember blazes into Early Access

Game News - posted by Darth Roxor on Wed 31 March 2021, 13:07:27

Tags: Empire of Ember; Poleaxe Games

The Action RPG/city builder/city demolisher/dungeon crawler/RTS Empire of Ember has just been released on Early Access. If you are as confused as I am by the above short description, you can read the following info and watch a trailer of the game, and maybe you'll get a clearer picture:

Empire of Ember is a first-person action-RPG featuring player-created cities, destructible environments, and procedurally-generated dungeons. From today RPG players and fans can experience first-person ranged, melee, and magical combat during its pre-launch phase, and help provide developer Poleaxe Games with constructive feedback in time for the games expected launch late summer.

Players will have the opportunity to loot dungeons, lead armies in overland combat, command the defense in siege combat, and quest through pre-designed levels. Poleaxe Games will be providing regular updates to keep players in the know on all aspects of the games development, including all ongoing improvements made through player feedback across its Steam and Discord community channels.

Empire of Ember includes a light RTS strategic element where players can unleash the might of an army of NPCs to fight alongside in hundred-unit battles, all of which is tied into the game's persistent world with a script by former Telltale Games lead writer Patrick Kevin Day.

Add to that an ambitious city builder feature where players can design and create their own city from an asset pool of over 2500 cosmetic and functional structures including wizard towers, libraries, blacksmiths, stables, taverns and houses in order to put their own creative mark on their game. More importantly, these player-created cities can be shared in an asynchronous multiplayer mode, in which players can download another player’s city, defeat the defenders, and sack it.

Empire of Ember will be launching on Steam late Summer 2021 and welcomes player feedback throughout its early access phase. An early access launch discount is available for launch week for any RPG fans looking for their next adventure.​

It costs about 25 bucks (I can never say for sure with the potato prices that Steam keeps subjecting me to), though there's a 20% discount for the coming week. As the press release claims, the full release will be in "late summer", though you know how it is with early access.

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