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Slormancer frenzies up some Early Access

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Slormancer frenzies up some Early Access

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 6 April 2021, 22:30:15

Tags: Slormite Studios; The Slormancer

Slormite Studios has Early Accessed their game Slormancer on GOG and Steam. Look like another one of those pixel gems with a little bullet hell thrown in for good measure. Looks like it has a rather crazy character system as well along with a fairly scaled back UI. Here's some of what's up:

  • An irrational story!
    You were born with absolutely no skill whatsoever, and yet you find a way to be the last hope of the realm as the enigmatic Slormancer and his incompetent underling try to conquer the world once again. How great. But like your grandfather once told you: "You might not have the talent but you have the will."
  • Three unique Classes
    Unlock and master more than 200 unique Abilities, Upgrades and Passives for every class. Each active Ability has its own skill tree, allowing you to create unique combinations.
  • Harness the power of your Ancestral Legacy
    Choose your Legacy and inherit ancient powers among more than 150 Element-related Skills and Passives in the Ancestral Skill Tree.
    Master Fire and summon powerful elementals, use Ice to freeze your foes, convoke Thunder and create massive storms, embrace the power of Light or make one with Shadow, it's up to you!
  • Unique Weapons
    120 unique and game-changing weapons available for every class. Each Slorm Reaper is a unique and priceless weapon that you can loot during your adventure. Once found, wield it to benefit from its powerful effect, level it up, and eventually evolve it to a greater form.

Wow, there's enough stuff moving around on the screen in that trailer to give a cat seizures.

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