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Quinterra floats to Early Access

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Quinterra floats to Early Access

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 8 April 2021, 12:51:06

Tags: Quinterra; Sidereal Studio

In a more strategy based gameplay note, Quinterra has an Early Access release on Steam. Fight your way across random, floating sky island map. Be things that aren't really humans. Save 15% through April 14th. Enjoy a trailer:

  • Build YOUR army: Choose Elites, Minions, Equipment, and Crystals you wish to bring into battle. Plan accordingly or you may fail your expedition from losing too much morale!
  • 4 Playable Species: Choose from the headstrong Lycans, the tricksy Imps, the durable Crystalians, or the knowledgeable Ethereals.
  • Procedurally Generated: Random rewards, procedurally generated maps, and random enemies create a varied and dynamic experience through each expedition and each combat encounter.

Ah, morale mechanics. There's something that can make for an interesting game or a really bad game if you're not good at it.

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