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First Feudal settles on Release

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First Feudal settles on Release

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 9 April 2021, 00:43:25

Tags: First Feudal; Harpoon Games

Harpoon Games's First Feudal has left Early Access for those people looking to be TEH KING. Build a settlement, whip your peasants in to shape, grow crops, and klill the bandits. There's even multiplayer for up to 6 people, which is something the settlement builder genre needs to do more. Being able to run around as your own character while playing is also a nice thing. Here's some tidbits:

  • Settlers
    In order to make a village attractive to new settlers, you need to take care of its residents’ comfort. Peasants need cozy houses and good food. However, for particularly lazy peasants in addition to carrot there is a whip.
  • Battles
    Bandits, wolves and bears will regularly attack your settlement. You can lead the militia or stay out of combat by letting your people defend themselves. To reduce casualties, you can hide behind powerful walls or lure the enemy into meticulously placed traps.
  • Agriculture
    Collection and hunting solve the hunger problem at early stages only. In a highly developed settlement, you need to start growing various crops and farming animals.
  • Trade
    The village will be regularly visited by merchants. They will offer their goods and buy your produce. With time, you will be able to send trade caravans to other locations.

Now, let us all thank Russia for this!

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