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Cutthroat Cove lockers a Release

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Cutthroat Cove lockers a Release

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sun 18 April 2021, 13:52:40

Tags: Cutthroat Cove; Wicked Games

Cutthroat Cove has been released on Steam for those looking for a piraty survival RPG with co-op and a storyline. Build your home, kill some monsters, find loot, and grind your skills, all while trapped on an uncharted desert isle. Like Gilligan with giant crabs. You can currently get this for 10% off through April 25th, which makes it $26.99. Here's some stuff:

Rich Story Line: Follow mysterious clues to learn the truth about the Old World, gather journal entries, speak with the locals, and discover shocking items to help put the story together.

Character Customization: Toughen up your character with the variety of skills and attributes needed to survive fearsome enemies and harsh conditions. Change up your wardrobe and appearance with color customization.

Survival Elements: Keep a sharp eye on your hunger, thirst, oxygen, stamina and health. If you can't survive, then it's the Locker for you!​

Kind of interesting how the pirate themed games have taken off over the last few years. I do tend to like a bit of crafting and building along side my RPGs these days.

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