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Zombie Double Feature

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Zombie Double Feature

Community - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 22 April 2021, 03:40:51

Tags: Project Zomboid; Survivalist: Invisible Strain; The Indie Stone

Since we had a brief, brief discussion on those crazy zombie games today, I noticed that both SplatterCatGaming and Nookrium both have videos about zombie survival CRPGs, Project Zomboid and Survivalist: Invisible Strain. Both of which have a different approach to how they handle the zombie plague end of the world scenario. One of which is the lone survivor, how long can you last type, the other is kind of a how would you start to rebuild society. So, if you have never heard of these two, or have been wanting a run down of either of them, here you go. Here's the videos:

SplatterCat/Project Zomboid

Nookrium/Survivalist: Invisible Strain

It's been a while since I've played Project Zomboid because I'm not a fan of the new control scheme for the game, but that's fairly interesting scenario that is shown off in that video. When I was playing it, they certainly didn't have things like that. I do like the social stuff and faction system that Survivalist: Invisible Strain added, it's a big improvement over the first game. There's a demo of it on Steam. It's also on sale currently through April 26th for 20% off.

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