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Dungeon and Gravestone dives to Steam

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Dungeon and Gravestone dives to Steam

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 23 April 2021, 12:01:06

Tags: Dungeon and Gravestone; Wonderland Kazakiri inc

Dungeon and Gravestone has been released on Steam if you're looking for a rogue-ish game that's a bit more fast paced. Big monsters, check. Deadly traps, check. Towns, check. Randomization with each playthrough, check. No release sale on this one, though. Here's some stuff:

Awakened from deep slumber you found yourself in a city destined to be devoured by Demon King of Death. There was only one road leading outside of it, straight into the dungeon entrance. The gates were open. A terrifying place where blood is steadily sucked out of you and eventually you cannot escape death's embrace. Is it possible that dungeon changes shape with each dive? Can you challenge the maze with various traps and return safely? Can the world be saved? Dive into dungeons, get items, strengthen your equipment and aim for lower layers. Collect food, complete quests and even fish for your life! Engage in fierce boss battles! Life in the dungeon sure is risky but it's super fun too! A mysterious world where not only dungeons but even towns change their appearance. You are the one to solve the mystery of the dungeon!​

For some reason, this game gives me vibes of the multiplayer maps from Nox by the now defunct Westwood Studios(Thanks for that, EA). If you've never played that game, it was pretty nifty with lots of humor. The multiplayer was a damned good time.

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