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Corsairs Legacy Will Be

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Corsairs Legacy Will Be

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 28 April 2021, 20:37:02

Tags: Corsairs Legacy; Mauris

Corsairs Legacy has been announced. The game is a quasi follow up to Sea Dogs for those of you who played those. It's due out this year, so we'll see. Here's a teaser and some info:

Year 1689. Captain Blood's odyssey came to an end - the legendary corsair took over as governor of Jamaica. The Caribbean Sea needs new heroes - notorious adventurers who, under the Black Flag, will set sail to run into danger, sea battles and Spanish gold, becoming the scourge of the tropical islands.

Jack Rackham had no plans to become a pirate. He was completely happy living the life of a smuggler. But, coincidentally, while delivering another cargo, he got into series of events that changed his life forever.​

There is also a Steam page for the game. You can also sign up to enjoy the beta test.

Thanks, Wunderbar!

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