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Nook looks at Nearly Dead

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Nook looks at Nearly Dead

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sun 2 May 2021, 03:44:35

Tags: Mono Software Inc.; Nearly Dead

Nookrium has a video preview of Nearly Dead, which is a game inspired by Project Zomboid and Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead. The game features pretty much what you'd expect, inventory, crafting, zombies, skills, demons, wood planks, co-op, cabbages and mushrooms. It'll eventually be for sale in Early Access per the Steam page or you can grab the open alpha from Itch.io. There's also a Kickstarter page with the first goal met.

The main character of the game doesn't have to be human. In ND, an anthropomorphic creature can be a main character or a companion. Wait! Do they have to be humanoid?

In fact, ND plans to be designed to give you the ability to play as other living creatures like horses, cows, and mice.​

Uhhh.. You're kind of losing me there with the furry stuff. That said, I really do like the graphics and the interactivity with the game world. The more I can interact with the world, the better.

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