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Ouroboros Dungeon snakes a Release on Steam

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Ouroboros Dungeon snakes a Release on Steam

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 6 May 2021, 19:46:55

Tags: Ouroboros Dungeon; Pipocation Games

Ouroboros Dungeon has been released on Steam. The game claims to be a call back to the old school action RPG roguelikes of twenty five years ago. Unlike most of those, though, this one never, ever ends. There's no level cap, there's no final boss. You just keep going. Forever. Because its infinite. Mostly. Here's a clip:

The Ouroboros Dungeon is a cursed place. There is no end to it. As the Ouroboros symbol of the snake eating its own tail. A cursed hero is set upon the challenge to break this loop. Will you be strong enough?

This game takes all the pleasure from the 90's Action RPGs and puts into a quirky infinite procedural dungeon. You will explore a infinite amount of corridors and rooms, finding treasures and loot to get stronger to face the challenge. But be careful, there is no place safe in the dungeon. Watch for the enemies strategy, as they also evolves throughout the gameplay.​

Looks like there's a few repeating rooms there, which could get stale after a while. That said, I'm once again liking the environmental traps.

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