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The Last Spell Mana Wells Early Access

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The Last Spell Mana Wells Early Access

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 4 June 2021, 15:13:32

Tags: The Arcade Crew; The Last Spell

The Last Spell is available in Early Access on Steam. This game is basically a turn based, tower/town defense, character building, town building, party based CRPG game. So, a little bit of everything? It's currently on sale for $17.99, which is a 10% discount through June 17th.

The Last Spell is a tactical RPG with roguelite elements. During the days, you’ll have to carefully choose how you will re-build your city and how you’ll position your defenses. Will you prioritize buying a brand new flaming sword, or build a Mana Well to regenerate some priceless Mana after battles?

During night, you’ll have to exterminate all the monsters coming at your walls with a large range of weapons and powers. Level up your heroes, and repeat until the end.​

There's also a video from Wanderbots showing some of the gameplay.

So, kind of like Final Fantasy Tactics with a town and defenses. Not a bad concept, honestly. One of the few games from that series of games that I actually liked.

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Because why not

TARGET: $2,000 USD

RAISED: $1,179.79 USD (58%)

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