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Prometheus Wept now on Kickstarter

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Prometheus Wept now on Kickstarter

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 22 October 2021, 16:29:10

Tags: Prometheus Wept; Timeslip Softworks

Last year, Vigilantes creator Daithi McHugh announced that he'd begun work on a new game called Prometheus Wept, a turn-based RPG set in a post-technology Earth. There have been a few development updates since then, two last year detailing basic design goals and a more recent one that revealed that the game will feature cyberspace hacking in the style of Shadowrun Returns. But for the most part, Daithi has been quietly working to make Prometheus Wept presentable enough to release a demo followed by a Kickstarter campaign, which he launched yesterday. The campaign's pitch offers a brief but comprehensive overview of the game's premise, its various gameplay mechanics, and even details about its storyline. Here's the pitch video and an excerpt:

Prometheus Wept is a turn based RPG set on a near-future earth where the majority of our digital technology and digitally stored information has been destroyed. The game offers hardcore squad-level combat, with simultaneous battles between cyberspace and the physical world, meaningful choices, deep character progression and an advanced crafting system.

It also has the distinction of likely being the only game where you can incapacitate an enemy by dropping a shark on them! Prometheus Wept is the third game by Timeslip Softworks and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

The goal is to create a relatively short, 10-16 hour experience, with an emphasis on design, variety, story-telling and quality over quantity.

Imagine a near future earth where technology has become increasingly integrated with daily life. Imagine the sudden corruption of all this technology, in less than a day, by a potent computer virus. A virus which affects everything from the smart kettle in your home to communications systems, automated agriculture, manufacturing and the transport network. Imagine the widespread loss of life, generations of chaos and conflict, the loss of knowledge, and the fragmentation of nations into insular city states.

The events of Prometheus Wept occur some generations after the Event, in a strange, depopulated, low tech world where human communities huddle in the ruins of the mythical mid 21st century, wary of old world technology and surrounded by chaos.

Not all digital technology was destroyed by the virus. Simple devices experienced software corruption and hardware failure. A small number of more complex systems were modified through their contact with the virus, gaining the potential to evolve. These first true AI are beginning to emerge, resulting in conflict with nearby human communities whom the AIs cannot understand, nor be understood by.

  • System infiltration: Transfer your character's consciousness into the treacherous environment of a corrupted computer system, while allies protect you from physical world threats. Employ a range of scripts (abilities) to overcome corrupted system security, and commandeer physical world systems like defenses and doors from within the machine.
  • Party and AP turn based combat: Battle it out with a variety of melee, ranged and explosive weapons, with aimed and special attacks, cover, powerful perk-based abilities, attacks of opportunity and more. Destroy cover to leave enemies exposed, and exploit interactions between the primal forces of fire, water and electricity to your advantage.
  • Deep character progression: Build your team using the ADAPTER character system, which comprises 7 stats, 17 skills and a huge variety of perks. Meet and ally with exceptional individuals, each with a unique set of perks.
  • Meaningful choices, little and large: Will you pay an odd, roadside priest for a blessing or ignore him? Will you help overthrow a questionable oligarchy, or cement their position against growing unrest? In Prometheus Wept, the vast majority of decisions you make will affect the difficulty of each act's finale.
  • Deep Crafting System: Create a large variety of weapons, armour, explosives, gadgets, combat stims and medical supplies, at multiple quality levels based on skill, component quality and the blueprints you possess.
Daithi is looking to raise €7443 to fund the development of Prometheus Wept, a very specific number that happens to be the exact amount he got for Vigilantes back in 2016. If you find his pitch convincing, you can secure a copy of the game riht now for just €10. That includes the Early Access release, which is scheduled for late 2022. The final game should be out in early 2024.

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