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Caverns of Xaskazien II rises up to 1.02.87

Caverns of Xaskazien II rises up to 1.02.87

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 25 April 2022, 13:43:17

Tags: Caverns of Xaskazien II; Jeff Sinasac

Caverns of Xaskazien II has been updated to 1.02.87 if you're looking for a new rogue-like to play. Some of the features of this one are all NPCs can get murdered by mobs, gobs of traps to kill you, lots of loot and spells, it's graphical, 38 classes, 13 races, and so much more. The update per this thread has some of the following changes:

  • Reinstated Classes: Warrior, Purifier.
  • New Perks: Battle Cry, Precision Strike, Look for an Opening, Frenzy, Tank, Duck Blow, Hands on Learner, Sense Impurities, Am What I Am, The Best Cleanser, Decontaminate, Exotic Blood, Protective Coating, Reverse Mutation.
  • New findable map types: Water Stained Map, Tattered Map.
  • Changed old Gnomish Explosives to Goblin Explosives.
  • New Mundane Items: Gnomish Explosives, Bread, Gingerbread, Gnomish Tickets, Jewelweed, Flax Seed, Echinacea, Primrose, Gingko, Wolfsbane, Blood Lacquer.
  • New Spell: Freeze Water.

While this game is free, the author also did Stop the Saturnians on Steam.

For those looking to see what the game is like, here's a mostly current Let's Play from RogueLove:

You know, it's almost like roguelikes are proof that features are inversely proportional to graphics. Roguelikes throw a gazillion features at you and you have to imagine what a lot of things look like. With a lot of the AAA games with the fancy 3D graphics, you have to imagine there's more to them.​

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