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Trigon Space Story turrets out on Steam

Trigon Space Story turrets out on Steam

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 3 May 2022, 14:55:07

Tags: Sernur.tech; Trigon Space Story

A few days late on this, but Trigon Space Story has been released on Steam. It looks like an expanded, more fleshed out FTL, which was a pretty damned good game in and of itself. There's no sale price on this, and it's currently sitting at $19.99US with some mixed reviews. The main criticisms seem to be that there's some bugs and that it's similar to FTL(which I'm guessing is why people bought it, so why bitch?). Anyway, here's some of the official info:

But it’s on you to make the right tactical decisions and capitalize on your crew’s skills—because death is permanent! Only by experimenting with various strategies will you be able to master the challenging combat situations you must face as captain.

The crew remains the heart of your ship; skilfully deployed, they will give you the edge you need to win battles. Assign your crew important tasks and always keep their strengths and weaknesses in mind, so that everything runs like clockwork in your next encounter. Don’t hesitate over moral decisions—space doesn’t forgive mistakes!

I'm not sure too many people are old enough to remember it, but I'd love it if some of these developers would take a look at SSI's starship CRPG, Star Command from 1988. Some of it's features would make a nice addition to the mechanics people are borrowing from FTL.

Also, there's some gameplay footage of it on ObsidianAnt's channel. He specializes in sci-fi, space games if that's your cup of tea.

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