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TBL May 2022 Releases Listed

TBL May 2022 Releases Listed

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 4 May 2022, 14:19:57

Tags: Capcom; Citizen Sleeper; Monster Hunter: World; RPG in a Box; Twilight Wars: Declassified

Turn Based Lovers has an Upcoming Turn Based Games for May list for those wondering if there's anything that's both turn based and coming out this month. While there are a few strategy games on the list, many of them are CRPGs. There's a brief paragraph or three for each of these titles, which include Citizen Sleeper, RPG in a Box, Twilight Wars: Declassified, and several others. Here's a snippet from the opening:

First, I think a great game, whether indie or AAA, should have a reasonably “high price”. Everyone, as a consumer, usually – sometimes unconsciously – thinks a cheap game can’t be that good (though there are, of course, some amazing exception). So, if a game is excellent, why would you then set a low price?

The second reason why KotC 2 price can be justified has something to do with what I said at the beginning: the time spent developing the game. You might know that Knight of the Chalice was released over thirteen years ago, and that the development of the new chapter started at least ten years ago. Took a while, don’t you agree? Now, if we consider the effort put into this project and the time-currency spent on it by the developer – can the price tag of €39.99 still be considered “high”?

I don’t think so.

I don't normally mind the initial price. That's not where I get annoyed. I may decide to pass and wait for a sale to come along and line up with my mood at the time if I think it's too high. What does annoy me are games like Monster Hunter: World, which is currently on sale for $14.99US on Steam but look at the list of DLC for that thing. Most of the DLC are costumes and other totally optional goofy things, but even though most of it is 40% off right now, if you bought all of it, you just spent $413 - on sale!

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