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Yaengard powers out on Steam

Yaengard powers out on Steam

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 6 May 2022, 00:52:26

Tags: Planeshift Interactive; Yaengard

Planeshift Interactive has released their turn based CRPG Yaengard on Steam. The game features 20 or so classes, turn based combat, metagaming, choices affecting gameplay, and several other things. The game is currently on a release sale price of $22.49US, which is 10% off the typical price. So, here's a trailer and some sum up:

Yaengard is a turn-based party RPG, inspired by classic TTRPG's such as Dungeons & Dragons. In Yaengard, the personalities of your adventurers change everything -- from their powers to the choices they can make. Design your builds and combos with the endless rare items you find, the classes you’ll embody, and the personalities you gain!
  • From peasants to heroes
  • Shape their personalities through the choices you make
  • Find and use hundreds and hundreds of rare powers & items
  • Design complex combos & the ultimate builds
  • Strategic & complex combats - without hassle
  • Explore the narrative; world, lore, & storytelling
  • Roguelike-inspired gameplay - unique builds each time!

If you're looking for a little more info, there's this video from SplatterCatGaming which shows the first half an hour of the gameplay.

I will say that the tactical combat looks very nice. I like all the feedback the user interface gives you. I also noticed a choice/consequence system in the trailer, which is nice to have. That said, it kind of reminds me of Final Fantasy Tactics with a heap more role playing in it.

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