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Narfox ventures out WeeRPG on Steam

Narfox ventures out WeeRPG on Steam

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 7 May 2022, 12:59:05

Tags: Narfox Studios; WeeRPG

Narfox Studios have released their casual rogue-lite, WeeRPG on Steam. It features a classless and skill based character system, random dungeon generation, equiped items showing on your character, lots of monsters and loot, up to four player coop, full controller support, and so on. It's currently on a 35% off release sale price of $6.49.

Hack and slash your way through this loot-rich ARPG with up to four local friends. Outfit your classless character to look and play the way you want. As you venture deeper, monsters get tougher and more numerous but the loot gets more epic! Tactical gear combinations and combat skill will determine how deep you can go. Return to your home base to upgrade or buy new gear, outfit your character, and then venture back into the deep.

Interestingly enough, these are the same developers that did Masteroid, Steam link, which is a procedurally generated top down spacer trader which I liked pretty well. It kind of reminded me of Escape Velocity, which is a classic. It's worth a look if you're hankering for that type of game.

While clearly not a hardcore roguelike, it might make for a fun time with friends. Some of the stuff in the trailer made me chuckle like the trainer dialog.

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