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Jettatura is a Wizardry-inspired dungeon crawler a decade in the making

Jettatura is a Wizardry-inspired dungeon crawler a decade in the making

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 10 June 2022, 00:37:28

Tags: Jettatura; Kyoto Cybernetics

For the past decade, Codexer megidolaon has been working on a dungeon crawling RPG in his spare time. What began as a hobby project gradually became more serious and in 2017 it was titled Jettatura, which is the Italian word for the evil eye. Now the game is finally nearing completion and so megidolaeon has decided to launch its Steam page, alongside a two minute gameplay trailer. By the looks of it, Jettatura is primarily inspired by Wizardry and in particular its Japanese installments. Notably, it has no automap feature. As befits such a hardcore title, the trailer ends with a total party kill.

Grab a trusty No. 2 pencil, a scroll of graph paper, and a sword! As an adventurer, it seems like an immeasurable epoch has passed since any quest of considerable hardship has intertwined your fate, but recently a crisis has befallen the land which beckons your steel! Descend into the labyrinthine depths below the redoubt of Ylondur to retrieve the Scepter of Basmu, slay the treacherous necromancer Arlemal and his band of monstrous henchmen who pilfered it from the Royal Museum, and return as exalted champions to claim your spoils of coin, titles of nobility and acreage, and glory!

Form a party comprised of one to six adventurers to pursue your dauntless quest. But tread not without due caution, for within the dusty crypts, winding mazes, crumbling dungeons, and wicked fiend-temples of the sunless underfoot, there await deadly traps and illusions to confound and enmesh any interlopers -- at least, those who have not already been slain by the many ravenous beasts and cruel goblin-kin who skulk in the shadows!

Available for Linux and Windows.

  • Round-based combat
  • 7 playable races, 11 playable professions, and 3 schools of magic
  • Traditional mechanics - such as Vancian magic and Armor Class going downward from 10
  • Six sprawling dungeon floors - interconnected and winding, full of confounding illusions, dangerous traps, and deadly creatures
  • Over 200 types of items
  • Over 100 types of enemies
  • Lush, colorful, hand-drawn monster and environment art by Juan Miguel L√≥pez Barea
  • Absolutely no hand-holding - draw your own damn maps!
  • Respects your time - prioritizes gameplay and dungeon exploration; no excessively-meandering "storytelling" here!

According to megidolaon, Jettatura will be out later this year, probably around October.

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