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A Quest That Became Legend is an open world blobber coming early 2023

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A Quest That Became Legend is an open world blobber coming early 2023

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Sun 10 July 2022, 19:39:15

Tags: A Quest That Became Legend; Neon Light Studio

Last year we spotted an upcoming new RPG called A Quest That Became Legend. It's a non-grid based open world blobber with turn-based combat, in which the player leads a party of four characters on a quest to "defeat the dark conjurers" and save the world. Despite the abundance of gameplay footage on the game's YouTube channel, we don't really know much about it. It does look pretty nice, though. This weekend the anonymous developer, who goes under the title of Neon Light Studio, finally launched the game's Steam page and put together a proper trailer. Check it out:

A Quest That Became Legend is a game inspired by old school RPG classics, with turn based combat and an open world environment. Set out on an epic quest to defeat the dark conjurers and save your world from destruction.

Explore the lands and venture into different crypts, dungeons, and many other places to battel all kinds of monsters, and maybe find yourself some shiny treasures or some strong magical items. Create a party of 4 heroes and up to 4 different hero classes, all with unique skills and abilities. Help the people you meet on your way, level up your characters and become a living legend as you quest to save the world.

Note: Game is in late development, but some changes may still occur. UI visuals are probably going to get updated. If and when changes occur the store page will be updated to reflect the latest version.​

According to its Steam page, A Quest That Became Legend is scheduled for release early next year. We'll continue to keep an eye on it.

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