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Swordhaven Kickstarter Approaches Final Stretch

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Swordhaven Kickstarter Approaches Final Stretch

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 7 May 2024, 23:50:33

Tags: ATOM Team; Swordhaven: Iron Conspiracy

We've reached the final days of the Swordhaven Kickstarter. While the project is funded, we're pretty damned close to the final stretch goal of the campaign. So far, the goals of a Player Base and Cursed City have been met. They're currently at $43,431 of the $44,000 needed for the final goal, which is Festivals and Holidays. So, if you're really wanting to have Christmas in the Cursed City, which I'm guessing is similar to San Francisco, CA or Portland, Oregon, we're within spitting distance of that target.

So, let's GOOO!

EDIT: Apparently I misread, the Cursed City hasn't been funded yet because I didn't notice that the graphic wasn't in dollars. So, let's GOOO harder!

Thanks, The Wall!

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