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First Golden Land Zoology preview

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First Golden Land Zoology preview

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 16 June 2003, 15:40:59

Tags: Golden Land

For those looking forward to what they'll be killing and getting killed by in Golden Land, we offer up Golden Land Zoology's Chapter 1: Goldenland Forest.


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Horse's legs and long skull distinct this angry half-human being from the other vermins. Shice the ancient times, these sly and angry creatures always were very unpleasant trouble for people. Pathfinders say that they move pretty funny, live by tribes and when they are travelling over the meadow with a green grass - some of them eat juicy leaves and stems. The mission of such long skull remains a mystery. I doubt whether it is full of brains - in this case, shishkuns would force the people out, making their own civilization. As this is not happening, the most evident conclusion is that male shishkuns keep their food, and female shishkuns carry their babies there.

They're like centaur, only two legged, meaner, and much, much uglier.

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