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Golden Land Zoology 2 up

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Golden Land Zoology 2 up

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 25 June 2003, 19:11:59

Tags: Golden Land

Article 2 about the beasts you'll see in Golden Land is posted and ready for your wild eyed stares and curiousity!

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Old legends say that bukas and bagas are the proud tribes of magicians, which became independent from Golden Land and went to the North. That's where they had learned the secrets of the magic School of Shadows, and had known many secrets which lie beyond the understanding of the usual people. Nobody knows what has happened next, but once the travelers who had come to these lands had found the strange creatures instead of proud magicians. They were called bukas and bagas then. They look like enormous frogs without hands, and differ in colour - bukas are violet, and bagas are green. Bagas also have a horn at their forehead, and they can cast a poisoning spell at their enemies with it, as some researchers say.​

Every CRPG needs a large, nasty frag-creature, doesn't it?

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