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Golden Land undead article

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Golden Land undead article

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 7 July 2003, 00:48:50

Tags: Golden Land

Golden Land Zoology 3 has been posted, featuring Golden Land's less live but still lively critters, namely the undead.

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Umrans are evil spirits, too. Umrans rise from their graves by themselves, not like skeletons. These are the people who died a violent death and then were buried wrong way or weren't buried at all. Every full moon there's a probability of that the corpse will rise from his grave and will become an umran, but this probability decreases with full body decay. The pathfinders see how the blue and green umrans lose their heads time to time literally - their heads just fall off the bodies.​

Check the left most Urman in that screenshot for an example of heads rolling.

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