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Another Golden Land Zoology thingy

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Another Golden Land Zoology thingy

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 14 August 2003, 06:51:41

Tags: Golden Land

It's up, our fifth zoology article on the mad beasties of Golden Land. What's there? Well, here's an example of it:

<div align="center"></div>

Mountain daemons are extremely dangerous creatures. They live in the mountains (that's why they are named so) and rarely come out from their caves. But, sometimes one of the creatures gives the settlers of mountain lands a lot of trouble. The meeting with daemon could be the last adventure in your life which is full of events. When they are young, they look like small cute bears, but, as they grow up, they completely change their character and appearance, being gloomy and blood-thirsty. The daemons have an awful horn, and they use it as a weapon sometimes. The witnesses have noticed the following pattern: the uglier and bigger the horn is, the more evil and blood-thirsty its owner is. Love to the human furnishings can be named among their weaknesses - that's why, in my opinion, they come out from their caves. Daemon will not sit in the ambush, waiting while you'll become absent-minded. He'll just attack and kill you. So, if you're going to the mountains, better put everything shining in the pockets, not to attract attention of these evil monsters.​

These kind of remind me of the Deathclaws in Fallout Tactics, only with the horns facing the right direction, and they don't wear earrings. I like the part about them being attracted to shiny objects, too.

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