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RPGDot takes a gander at The Bloody Magic

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RPGDot takes a gander at The Bloody Magic

Preview - posted by Spazmo on Fri 29 August 2003, 15:43:55

Tags: Dawn of Magic; Sky Fallen Entertainment

In another <a href=http://www.rpgdot.com/index.php?hsaction=10053&ID=718>Games Convention update[/url], RPGDot have taken a look at Sky Fallen's The Bloody Magic, a rather nice-looking action RPG coming up later this year.

The Bloody Magic is a beautiful, isometric 3rd person CRPG with Diablo-esque graphics where the focus is – well – on magical combat. Player characters are always mages, but there are 12 classes of magic to choose from – earth magic, fire magic, poison magic... among others. Your initial choice for a spellcaster class will define your character’s basic looks; whenever your character upgrades his skills or acquires a new class of spells, the appearance will change accordingly. Depending on whether you stay true to your initial class or branch out into other fields of magic, the visible result can be anything from terrifying to downright weird, or both. A pure combat mage will end up looking very martial, while a nature mage who also trained in death magic will wear a bone cuirass in addition to his antlers – looks nice.​

Well, that's a rather nice touch, I think. Score another one for Russian developers. Make sure to take a look at the screenshots, because, dang that's purdy.

Plus, based on the article, there'll be a touch of non-linear story progression! Could this be the Lionheart we were hoping to get?

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