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IGF 2004 Entrants Revealed

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IGF 2004 Entrants Revealed

Company News - posted by Ibbz on Wed 1 October 2003, 15:38:59

Tags: Cube Warfare; Project Salus

The entrants for the Independant Games Festival of 2004 have been revealed. A total of 110 have been entered with varying development times and costs. There sure is a variety of games ranging from RTS's to FPS "simulations." Some of the more interesting include:

Project Salus

Project Salus is a hybrid of a simulation and a Role-Playing game set in a post-apocalyptic near-future. You are the manager of your community's fallout shelter, and it is your responsibility to ensure their survival and guide them in their emergence back into the outside world.


ShadowFire is a space-simulation role-playing game. ShadowFire uses its own independently developed engine to combine the fast-paced battles of a space-simulation game in addition to the story-driven, upgradeable and explorable aspect of a console rpg. Most settings take place in closed labyrinth-type areas.


An action-rpg taking place in a dark, cyberpunk future. You play the role of Damen and Tali to exact revenge on a megacorporation that double crossed you, but get involved in a much larger plot that questions the meaning of existence.​
At least Restricted Area isnt the only Cyberpunk RPG currently in development.

Of course anyone of these games could turn out to be the next Geneforge.

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