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Space Hack preview at RPGVault

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Space Hack preview at RPGVault

Preview - posted by Spazmo on Fri 10 October 2003, 00:46:07

Tags: Rebelmind; Space Hack

RPG Vault have previewed a new action RPG by the name of Space Hack from Rebelmind. Here's what Rebelmind has to say about all the EXTREME ACTION!

So, What's Cool?
Check the HERO! - An ex-officer of the Space Marines, convicted to serve a life sentence on Misty Planet for insubordination. Strong, proud and maybe a little too hot-tempered. Became famous after a daring takeover of a pirate ship in a port on Mars. He walked on board armed with nothing but a machete. Killed 30 pirates and rescued 150 hostages. After that, people started to call him Space Hack.

Check the SCI-FI! - Forget knights and wizards - Space Hack will lead you through a world of high technology. Dark and moody locations, biospheres with artificial ecosystems, futuristic weapons, androids, space ships and nebulas. Everything soaked in atmospheric industrial ambient music.

Check the ACTION! - Space Hack is not for the faint-hearted. Constant streams of ugly monsters guarantee non-stop hacking, slashing and shooting. Fights are dynamic, weapons are lethal, and special effects are extra-cool!​

He's ruff, he's tuff, he may as well be voiced by Ahnuld Schwarzenegger--he's the star of a cheesy action RPG. That said, this could be cool, if only because it's sci-fi for a change.

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