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Broderzone solicitation at RPGDot

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Broderzone solicitation at RPGDot

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 4 November 2003, 18:19:11

Tags: BorderZone

RPGDot has put up an interview with the guys doing BorderZone, another Russian made CRPG.. Only this one is an action CRPG set so far in the future, it's got magic and stuff. Ummm.. Yeah. Here's a clip:

RPGDot: The setting is described to take place 9000 A.D., but all screenshots so far look and feel like a classical fantasy RPG. Are there sci-fi levels also or more common, what different areas are there?

Sergey Gerasev:
The game takes place in 9,000 AD and it really looks like some fantasy world. But actually it is the future of Earth or Terra, how the natives call their planet.

On the planet Terra the past and the future have blurred. The tales of the great catastrophe, the Collapse, have been passed down for generations, although the details have faded. Most of the elders speak of a time, six or seven thousand years ago, when people possessed unprecedented power over Nature with an ancient, now forgotten, witchcraft known as "Science." They tell tales of when men could fly in the air, swim under water and even traveled to Selena, feats only the most rare magicians on Terra can still perform. The gods of ancient times grew angry and could no longer stand man's arrogance. So came the Collapse - mankind's "Science" was turned against them and as a result billions of people died.

The game begins in Taria, the northern province of Kammir, where the local system of chronology records the year as 3285.

However as soon as BorderZone is a mixture of a fantasy and sci-fi RPG there will be a scenario twist in the game. What you see on the screenshots is only a part of the game. There will be also some hi-tech locations, ultramodern weapons and even a bio-robot manufacturing facility.​

Did I mention that you play a guy named Olaf. It's true!

Thanks, Garrett!

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