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Space Hack enquires at RPGVault

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Space Hack enquires at RPGVault

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 14 November 2003, 02:09:43

Tags: Rebelmind; Space Hack

RPGVault has gotten themselves an interview with the guys making Space Hack, which is one of those sci-fi action CRPGs. Here's a bit on character creation:

Jonric: What choices if any will players have in terms of customizing the starting character's abilities, race, gender, class, clothing, physical features et al?

Otton Laskowski:
Instead of forcing a player to go through a complicated and sometimes incomprehensible (especially for casual players) character creation system, we decided for an unconstrained character development system during regular play. We thought that instead of introducing, for example, character classes, which would determine the character's development for the entire game, it would be much better if the player could, at any point, abandon his current development path and choose another, without having to start the game from the beginning. This way, the player has a chance to define his character in a "real" way, instead of just choosing who he wants to be from a menu.

Of course, we didn't want to deny players the opportunity to boost the character in a chosen direction at the beginning of a game - he will be able to choose from a few items with which to start his journey, and will also get some extra experience points to spend in any way he wants.​

I dunno, I've always found character creation at the beginning part of the fun. It's kind of like removing the wrapping on a Christmas present.

Thanks, Darek Rusin!

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