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Star Hammer 0.0.4 released

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Star Hammer 0.0.4 released

Development Info - posted by Ausir on Sat 27 December 2003, 19:24:26

Tags: Star Hammer

A new version of Star Hammer, an open-sourced sci-fi roguelike, has been released. Here's a list of changes:

  • Features
    - added an "Info" command to the cybertech clinic.
    - added skill system docu to in-game help.
    - added a "Look" command (finally!).
    - player characters now start with equipment in use.
    - increased player character starting money to 300 credits /
    modified some starting kits because of this.
    - added a new martial arts move "Flash Jump".
    - improved the "BB" map generator (used for the Gennie Lab dungeon).
    - added a dojo to the city Tevera /
    martial arts work like psi powers now (you need to learn them).
    - added an "Info" command to the psi temple.
    - pain now decreases Ev too.
    - taking the drug "Star Dust" now has the negative side-effect that you
    no longer notice feelings of hunger.
    - lots of minor tweaks

    - "Wolverine Claws" were much too cheap. Fixed.
    - Hospital treatment didn't remove pain. Fixed.
    - Psi meditation inside the temple didn't cost any money. Fixed.
    - Bugs in the init/error handling routines could
    cause a crash in a few very rare cases. Fixed.
    - The game no longer accepts invalid commands.
    - polished/fixed targetting.
    - being "numb" didn't "cure" the effects of pain. Fixed.
    - there were misc. item drop bugs. Fixed.
    - grenades often didn't damage every actor in their explosion radius. Fixed.
    - sometimes an NPC didn't take his turn. Fixed.
    - grenades couldn't kill the player character. Fixed
    - lots of code cleanup
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