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sCthangband 1.0.15

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sCthangband 1.0.15

Development Info - posted by Ausir on Fri 16 January 2004, 23:12:37

Tags: sCthangband

A new version of <a target=_blank href=http://www.dimetrodon.demon.co.uk/scthangband.html>sCthangband[/url], a Lovecraftian variant of the Angband roguelike. Here's a short list of fixes:
  • Cause ball attacked aimed in a direction to only be stopped by a wall or a visible monster, and those aimed at a target to be stopped by a wall or the target.
  • List the actual name of a hidden object when it is examined.
  • Give a "Try" prompt when the player selects an object to sell with a capital.
  • Allow an ego type to be selected when creating an object in wizard mode.
  • Set the EASY_KNOW flag for non-random items in the source.
  • Various bug fixes
Spotted at: YARNS

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