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Dungeon Craft crawls to version 0.9091

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Dungeon Craft crawls to version 0.9091

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 31 January 2004, 15:26:39

Tags: Dungeon Craft

DungeonCraft has updated to version 0.9091 for those looking for a nifty little old school D&D dungeon crawler creation kit. Here's the blurb:

Version 0.9091. This release adds third level Cleric spells, event searching and several bug fixes. If you downloaded the update from 01/13/04, this is an even newer update that fixes a bug in the event search tool that changes your event text to lower case.​
Anyway, it's basically a updated clone of Unlimited Adventures for those who remember the Gold Box games.

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