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Angband slashes and crawls up to 0.304

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Angband slashes and crawls up to 0.304

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 4 February 2004, 14:35:42

Tags: Angband

Angband is now up to version 0.304 of the popular Tolkien-esque rogue-like. The changelog is actually pretty large, as you can see on YARNS listing of it, but here's a few of them to whet the stone:

  • Made the water vortex immune to water-based attacks.
  • Chaos resistance protects against confusion by chaos based attacks.
  • Smoothed out the tables for extra mana-points per level, hitpoint bonus from constitution, "spells per level" vs. "spell stat", and INT/WIS dependent failure rate adjustment. The old steps have been replaced by a steady increase, so small stat improvements are more useful. Please note that this will also affect characters imported from older versions, so these might gain or lose some spells, mana, and hitpoints when imported into Angband 3.0.4.
  • Gave the 'thanc daggers a 2d4 damage dice instead of 1d4 and made them more common. (Jonathan Ellis)
  • Gave each of the Paur* gauntlets a single minor power (slow-digestion, regeneration, permanent light, feather fall) and made them more common. (Jonathan Ellis)
  • Rods, wands, and staves with different charges can now be stacked. (based on the NPPAngband version that in turn is based on Leon Marrick's rod/wand stacking in OAngband.
  • Rods can't be recharged anymore, but can be vulnerable to electricity.

I don't know, I'd make an argument that water vortex creatures could be harmed by water attacks. Dilute the bastards until they splash over dead!

Spotted at: YARNS

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