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IotD inquiries at GameZone

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IotD inquiries at GameZone

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 6 February 2004, 16:50:49

Tags: I of the Dragon; Primal Soft

GameZone has posted an interview with several members of Primal Soft about their dragon centered action CRPG, I of the Dragon. Here's a bit on the RPG nature of the thing:

Q: What elements of RPGs are essential to an immersive game and how does I of the Dragon meet those?

There is no simple answer to such a grand question. Most things in good games are so interconnected that there is no way to remove even one and keep the gameplay and fun factor intact. For “I of The Dragon” we had to balance its action part (you get to fight with your natural weapons, such as fire breath, and an extensive array of spells), RPG part (you improve your dragon abilities, solve quests, help local people) and strategy part (you have to keep all the towns that you built well-protected, to move forward only knowing that they won’t succumb to enemy assaults). This creates a highly immersive game that always keeps you doing something new and interesting.​

But I want to eat the local people!

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