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Sacred preview at GameSpy

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Sacred preview at GameSpy

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 21 February 2004, 18:51:34

Tags: Sacred

There's a preview on GameSpy giving a little info on Sacred which should be out in a month or so. Here's a snip:

How the player chooses to proceed through the missions, though, is completely up to them. If a particular quest is too tough at the moment, the game offers an unlimited number of random quests to build up your character -- or you can just explore to your heart's content. Better still, when you've explored the whole world, you can restart the game again. All your character's experience and equipment will be intact, and the difficulty of the game will be raised to become appropriate to your new level.​

Random quests would be a nice thing, but I don't recall any in the demo. The feature list on the official site mentions them though.

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