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Angband overflows to 3.0.4

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Angband overflows to 3.0.4

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 8 March 2004, 03:24:03

Tags: Angband

Version 3.0.4 of Angband has been released. Here's a list of the fixes:

  • 'Ammunition of Wounding' said it has no special abilities. That is false for Mithril ammo. (Hallvard B Furuseth)
  • *Identify* scrolls talked about using up "a charge" instead of "the scroll". (Hallvard B Furuseth)
  • Fixed some integer overflows in the mana and hitpoint calculation on 16 bit systems. (reported by "pelpel")
  • Added an autoconf check for the can_change_color() curses function.
  • The OS X Makefile was missing from the source tarball. (reported by James Andrewartha)
  • Fixed a bug that caused shopkeepers to react overly pleased when selling them parts of a stack of wands or staves. (reported by Eddie Grove)
  • Rods in the inventory weren't four times less likely to be destroyed by lightning as intended. Instead everything located _after_ the rods in the inventory got a smaller chance to be destroyed. (Heino Vander Sanden)

I just like the term Ammunition of Wounding. It's like Water of Moisening or something.

Spotted at: YARNS

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