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Space Hack interview at HC Gamer

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Space Hack interview at HC Gamer

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 1 April 2004, 02:23:16

Tags: Space Hack

HC Gamer posted an <a href=http://www.hcgamer.hu/gamer/index.php?p=5&c=9632&tores=1>interview[/url] with Krzysztof Krawczyk and Darek Rusin from Rebelmind about Space Hack, a sci-fi Diablo-like game

Tell us a little about the development of characters, skills and classes (if any)

We kept the basic elements of character's development like: strength, knowledge, dexterity, vitality. These are the features, on which player has direct influence. There are also additional features, which depend on character’s development and equipment possessed at the moment. The whole system of character's development is based on good, tested methods used in other games. However we introduced new elements. One of them is that player doesn't have to stick to one development path. With the help of special biochips we can easily exchange values of particular features. I'll give an example. We were developing strength for example and our hero has become the master of two-handed ax, but we got bored and now we would like to shoot to aliens with super modern energy weapon. It is impossible in other games, because the development of one feature doesn't let you use the powerful enough weapon relating to other feature. You usually end up starting the game from the very beginning with a resolution of developing the other feature. Whereas in our system it is extremely easy. We just use the special biochip and exchange the value of 'strength' with 'knowledge' and in this very moment we are able to shoot. It gives great possibilities, because it enables trying all types of weapons without burdensome (for some players...) necessity of starting the game over and over again.​
Huh? Two-handed axe? But I thought it was a sci-fi... Anyway, anybody else thinks that the attribute switching chips idea is stupid?

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