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Space Hack interview at RealGamer

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Space Hack interview at RealGamer

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 12 April 2004, 18:00:39

Tags: Rebelmind; Space Hack

RealGamer UK posted an interview with Krzysztof Krawczyk about Space Hack, a Diablo-like sci-fi RPG, but with some stupid twists.

What inspired you to start development on Space Hack, and why did you use a science fiction setting?

Almost all surroundings in rpg games are extremely similar to each other. In each of them we can find sorcerers, wizards and knights, not mentioning the dragons, goblins, skeletons and elfs. ... We wanted to show something different
later on
Very intelligent and resilient enemies will fight tearing, biting and ripping. They will use the same weapon we use – these are swords, axes and even energy guns.​
So, they say they are tired of fantasy, yet they put swords and axes in their sci-fi game.

Without giving away too much what can you tell us about the games main gameplay elements?

The gameplay doesn’t differ from typical representants of action/rpg genre....Four development paths are available: strength, knowledge, dexterity, vitality. Apart from that, we have the system of hi-tech items and biochips, which you can find while exploring the biospheres or buy in the village. With their help we’re able to modify our skills significantly, what enables us more strategic attitude to the fight.​
Sounds very strategic

How do you think Space Hack compares to other RPG’s?

From the very beginning it wasn’t our aim to make the innovative and much different game. We tried to adapt the proven models in the new graphical setting. We put our efforts to create the credible Space Hack’s world. That’s why we decided to replace the magic with the energy weapon and hi-tech items. Here you can also find the unique and rare in rpg games solution. It is conected with exchanging the values of features. I described it in answer 10. We hope that good imitation of sci-fi world, proven action/rpg games mechanisms plus a grain of innovation will make a good mixture, which will satisfy many players.​
You gotta read the interview to see what RPG innovation he's talking about. It's unbelievable how stupid some people are.

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