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Devil Whiskey interview at RPGDot

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Devil Whiskey interview at RPGDot

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 3 May 2004, 18:52:27

Tags: Devil Whiskey

There's an interview with Phil Martin, one of the programmers involved in Devil Whiskey, over at RPGDot. The questions range from who the guy is to how you can buy the game to this one:

RPGDot: I’ve heard that a small, but dedicated modding community is growing up around DW. What exactly is happening there and how would interested people get involved?

Ya these guys are great, quite a few people in our forums have been working on getting things up and running, trying out new maps, playing with XP structures, messing with monsters, making new items and quests. All in all we provide tools to change the way Devil Whiskey runs to your liking, as well as adding new adventures to play through. If people are interested in getting involved, the purchase of the full version includes access to a seperate download of the tools you need to create mods, as well as a good set of tutorials to get you started. Of course the best resource for questions would be our forums, we have several sections dedicated to all aspects of the modding process there, and those guys are great about helping out one another. I do try and help with what I can when I can as well.​

Well, at least it's not a $20 book sold separately.

Thanks, Garrett!

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