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Banita: Mystary RPG from Poland

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Banita: Mystary RPG from Poland

Game News - posted by Vault Dweller on Tue 25 May 2004, 17:08:19

Tags: Banita; Nawar

Banita is a new RPG that's being developed somewhere in Poland, the country previously known for The Witcher and Zywiec (thanks for the tip, Elwro). Hopefully, Banita means something extremely cool in Polish, and we're waiting for our resident linguists to convince us that it's not just a name of a Latina stripper.

Anyway, the good thing is that Banita takes place on a distant planet. The bad thing is the planet's development corresponds to early middle ages. Doh! The good thing is that there are rocket launchers! The bad thing is that there are spells. As Brian Fellows says: "That's CRAZY!"

The vision dissapeared. Now he found himself in a corridor. There was horrendously brightly here. The light was of bluish-green colour. An idea came to his mind that this was strange... It was obvious for him that the torches burn in yellow or red... However, his attention was drawn by enormous windmills turning under the vault of the corridor, not for all the money in the world could he associate in which purpose they are turning. The disturbing feeling appeared again... he became excited ... he knew that soon, he will get his own way...

The corridor dissapeared - instead of it there appeared a middle-sized room. He felt relief because it was not as bright as in the corridor. Instead of the bright light there were a lot of red-green flickering points. He noticed that he is following a few of them "...only one hand-movement, I hope there won't be many victims, for sure - less..." - again something came to his mind. His hand made its way towards the row of small square insets on a table top and started to push them. After a while, the tiresome feeling of anxiety had went away. He knew he kept to his resolution... Suddenly, the doors opened violently and frightfully blue and green light burst into the room...​
OMG! He's found the Vault 13!

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