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Devil Whiskey gets a cheers from RPGDot

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Devil Whiskey gets a cheers from RPGDot

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 25 May 2004, 18:21:14

Tags: Devil Whiskey

RPGDot has posted review of Devil Whiskey giving it fairly high marks, though pointing out a few things they didn't like such as limited save game slot(yes, one slot). Here's a clip:

What would a fantasy RPG be without magic and spells? Devil Whiskey has plenty of both. There are over 200 spells in the game. Some are buff spells, some attacking spells, and some just tell you where you are. There are spells to give light and others to either heal or resurrect party members. As there are no visual effects, except with the light spell, you are given the details of each effect in the scrolling window. I enjoyed reading these, as often the humour in the descriptions was far more fun than watching another pyrotechnical display of particle displacement. Spells have ranges, so selecting the appropriate spell can take some thought. They also have a mana cost and mana is not regenerated in dungeons under normal conditions. Don’t cast carelessly.​

Utility spells, like the You Are Here stuff is something a lot of CRPGs lack these days. It's interesting when games incorporate them in addition to spells which are primarily combat oriented.

Thanks, Garrett!

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